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In Moorish times, a Taha was the name for a number of villages that fell under one administration. The fascinating Moorish culture is still very much present in Spain and Portugal, and largely forms the roots of all the beauty that can be seen and experienced there.

Just like you, the team behind Taha loves remote villages and beaches with fishing boats, that small restaurant with fresh fish, old mule tracks, ancient olive trees and valleys full of oleanders. We also love the grandeur of big cities, the gastronomy and excellent wines, the architecture and of course the Southern European hospitality. This diversity guarantees the perfect ingredients for a wonderful holiday in Spain or Portugal!

The founders started selecting a diverse range of holiday homes in Andalusia over 25 years ago. They have chosen areas that stand out because of their special combination of nature and culture, which is why most Taha houses are located in the most beautiful places. In 2020 Naomi Klaasse, who lives in Andalusia, joined la Taha. Naomi has now taken over La Taha.

Since May 2021, Jeroen Roos, who also lives in southern Spain, has been a proud member of the Taha team. With Mirjam, Marjan and Jaimie as house scouts and Alina as blogger, the team is complete for now. La Taha continues to guarantee a special, diverse and personal range of holiday homes!

Are you curious about Spain, Portugal, nature, culture and the holiday homes? On www.taha.nl/en you will find detailed descriptions and photos of the houses and areas. You can reach us by telephone and e-mail for questions and advice. You can also communicate with us by e-mail or telephone outside office hours, seven days a week. We always aim to respond to your message within a few hours and in any case within a day. You can also send us a WhatsApp – guaranteed immediate answer – +34 6 95 72 95 89

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Customer Service, Contact Person Home Owners, Website Management
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