Rent a holiday home in Antequera

Antequera is a beautiful city in Andalusia, which is a region of Spain. Antequera is surrounded by beautiful nature and has the most beautiful spots. Antequera has a rich history, you can still find Roman baths and ruins of ancient castles. Although Spain is a very popular holiday destination, this place has hardly been discovered by tourists. This will probably change in the coming years, because Antequera is a beautiful city with unique sights. Slightly outside the city you will find family graves of more than 4000 years old, the so-called Dolmenes. In addition, on the main square you will find a high church dating from the 16th century, the Iglesia de San Sebastian. There are many more sights that have been created by a rich history that took place there.

Antequera is not very big, but to see everything in the city you have to allow a little longer than one day. You can also choose to spend your holiday near Antequera. We at La Taha can then help you further, because with us you will find various holiday homes that are located near Antequera. You can easily book these holiday homes online for the best rates. The holiday homes of La Taha are equipped with various facilities, you can also select your holiday home on this basis. If you want a holiday home with a swimming pool, that is certainly possible.

Various accommodations and places of interest in Antequera

Do you not like too much crowds and are you not so fond of mass tourism? Then Antequera is the holiday destination in Spain that suits you perfectly. Antequera is still an almost undiscovered place and therefore a nice quiet city. Antequera has beautiful sights and around this place you will also find various things to-do you should definitely take the time for to discover. In Antequera itself you will find narrow streets and cozy terraces. There is plenty to visit in Antequera, for example the beautiful church building Colegiata de Santa Maria or the nature reserve Torcal de Antequera. There are plenty more beautiful sights that are definitely worth a visit. If you spend a holiday in Antequera, you can of course also visit cities in the greater area. For example Malaga is only 47 kilometers away from Antequera, you can also spend a day at the sea to enjoy the white beach and the clear blue sea.

If you want to celebrate your holiday in or around Antequera, it is wise to book an accommodation to stay there. You can choose to go camping, but there are also plenty of other options in this area. You can choose from different holiday homes around Antequera. You will find various holiday homes that all have something unique. You can choose a holiday home with a swimming pool or a beautiful house with a private terrace and a beautiful view. In addition, there are more options, do you opt for a central location or do you want to be a little further away from everyday life. With La Taha’s holiday homes in Antequera everything is possible.

Why choose a holiday home in this area?

If you choose a holiday in or around Antequera, we can assure you that you will see many beautiful things and that you will not regret it. A holiday in Antequera is even better in a holiday home from La Taha. Our holiday homes have been carefully selected, we at La Taha have visited and assessed them ourselves. This way we can provide the correct information for every holiday home in Antequera, and so you know exactly where you stand. Everything that is in the photos and the facilities that are in the description of each holiday home, is really what will be present at the holiday home in Antequera. In addition to the unique location, we can also provide you with a unique holiday home for a very competitive rate. Due to our wide range of holiday homes, there is something for everyone. In addition to a holiday home, you can also opt for a luxury villa or a beautiful apartment. For more information about our holiday homes in Antequera, about the place itself or about the possibilities, you can always contact us. We love Antequera!