Does OLIVE OIL have an expiration date?

Olive oil is one of the most used oils in Spanish and world cuisine. It is a 100% natural product that evolves over the years. Consumers often wonder if the oil’s shelf life expires and if it is still safe to consume after sitting on the shelf for months or years. So, does olive oil have an expiration date? Facts site SpanjeVandaag found out.

Olive oil has no real expiration date. It is always safe to consume ‘aceite de oliva’, even years after it has been bottled. However, as the golden liquid ages, its flavor and nutritional value may diminish. There is therefore a best before date on the packaging. This is the date until which the oil retains its optimal taste and nutritional value. More and more producers are also placing a bottling date on the packaging, which is the date on which the packaging was filled. This way the consumer also knows whether the oil is ‘fresh’.

After the best before date, the taste of olive oil can become ‘flatter’. The fruity, spicy flavors decrease and the bitter taste increases. This is due to natural oxidation. The nutritional value, especially the content of antioxidants such as polyphenols, also slowly decreases after the best before date. This means that olive oil has fewer health benefits.

Other factors that have an influence

In addition to the best before date, there are other factors that determine how quickly the quality of olive oil decreases, such as the method of storage, the packaging and the type of olive used. Proper storage is crucial. Olive oil should be stored cool, dark and airtight to prevent oxidation. If olive oil is stored incorrectly, its quality will deteriorate more quickly.

Extra virgin oil deteriorates faster than filtered olive oil. The olive variety also influences the shelf life. Picual olives, for example, produce an olive oil that lasts longer. An airtight glass bottle with a small opening protects olive oil best. Cardboard packaging or plastic bottles are less suitable. The degree of filling also has an influence; the fuller, the better.

Recommended period of consumption

Research shows that the recommended period of consumption for olive oil, during which the taste and nutritional value are optimal, is approximately 9 months after the bottling date. Within 9 months, a properly bottled oil will still have the same fruity, spicy taste as when it was bottled. There will also be little change in terms of nutritional value within 9 months. Antioxidant levels remain high to maintain health benefits.

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