Temperatures are rising, there is too little rain, and when it rains the ground is unable to absorb the water, resulting in flooding. Especially in the summer months, it has become very normal, especially in southern Spain, for entire villages to be without water for several hours a day. The climate is speaking to us, no, calling us for help.

Damage to the climate
It’s impossible to turn away from the negative changes taking place in the climate. Fortunately, more and more initiatives are emerging to compensate for the damage that humans have done to nature. This is also the case in Spain.

La Taha is a big believer in taking responsibility and so we have also started a number of initiatives to minimize our carbon footprint, and yours.

We support a good cause every year by donating a percentage of our turnover. We have chosen Greenpeace for 2023. Widely known for their commitment to nature.

Doñana National Park
We have been supporting a specific project of the environmental organization since 2023. Doñana Natural Park in Huelva was endangered by illegal irrigation by farmers in the region. At the time of writing, an agreement has been reached that includes buying up farms. After being bought up, the land will be converted into forest land. So good news. We will continue to support Greenpeace financially in 2024. Made possible by you, our loyal customers.

Secondly, we have limited our own travel movements to a minimum, and we compensate every kilometer we do have to travel for our company. To do this we have chosen the organization Folia project, responsible for planting trees throughout Spain.

CO2 compensation
As of February 1, 2024, we will also compensate your CO2 emissions for you. A week’s stay with 4 people in one of our holiday homes, plus a rental car with which you travel approximately 750 kilometers during your holiday, produces approximately 500 kg of CO emissions.2. To compensate for this, 2 trees need to be planted in one of the Mediterranean forests. Costs for 2 trees are €15.

Reduction of reservation costs
To finance this compensation we will do 2 things. First of all, the reservation costs you pay for a reservation will be reduced from €30 to €15. We will then use 100% of this amount to gift/plant 2 trees on your behalf. For all initiatives Folia Project undertakes, click here.

Green planet
Thirdly, it has recently become possible to see how ‘green’ the holiday home of your choice is. For example, if a holiday home generates electricity via solar panels or uses its own well for water, it is marked with one to three green globes on our website. Good to know. For an example of an eco-friendly holiday home, click here.

For now these are our initiatives regarding corporate social responsibility. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for making these measures possible.


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