TARIFA, surfer’s paradise

After yesterday’s fatigues, we decided to make today a beach day. We drive in one and a half hours to Tarifa, the southernmost town of Spain and the European mainland.

The drive there is beautiful, the road is excellent, the weather is wonderful again and for the last part of the road we have continuous views of Gibraltar, the English overseas territory. We have heard that Gibraltar is not really worth a visit, and so we go to Tarifa.

Tarifa is only 14 kilometers from the African continent and in clear weather Africa is also clearly visible. We, as topographically illiterate, do not know if it is really Africa what we see but we firmly believe in it and the weather was clear and the sea was wonderful to be in. Incidentally, I was the only one in our party who ventured to the Atlantic Ocean. In Tarifa you can choose between the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea (Strait of Gibraltar). Contrary to my expectations, the Atlantic Ocean turns out to be one degree warmer than the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the fact that this is a wind and kitesurfing paradise, we see very few of them paddling around in the water. However, a number of children are getting their first surfing lesson and it doesn’t seem to be easy for everyone.

At the beach we eat a delicious fish salad and then we go into town.

We walk along the harbor and leave the Moorish fort on the right. Tarifa has a small and intimate city center which is walled. The Moorish influences are clearly visible and we enjoy a drink, the weather and the relaxed atmosphere on a terrace in the old town.

From Tarifa a ferry sails in 35 minutes, several times a day, to Tangier (Morocco). And of course there are also the boats that should entice tourists to spot whales and dolphins. We don’t use any of this and go back to Gaucín in time to enjoy the evening on our terrace.

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