Holiday home rental in Spain by Taha

We have been successfully renting out holiday homes in Spain for over twenty-five years. A large part of our customer group are customers who have booked with us before or are customers who have heard about us from family or friends. We find it important that we have a large group of satisfied customers and do everything we can to keep it that way. When our customers have visited one of the holiday homes, we send them an evaluation form to ask for their opinion about the holiday home, the processing of the booking, reception on site, etc. This helps us and also the owners to respond as well as possible to the wishes of customers. These evaluations show that customers appreciate our approach and selection of houses. Renting out a holiday home through La Taha is simple, efficient and lucrative.


There are no direct costs associated with listing a house on our website.

We offer you

* Active, intensive promotion of the house (internet/Google, social media, newspapers) on the Dutch, Belgian and British market.
* Taking care of the entire reservation procedure; we ensure that a customer receives his invoice and voucher on time and can contact us with any and all questions.
* We are available seven days a week for homeowners, managers and guests. During office hours we can speak to customers by phone and outside of that always by e-mail or WhatsApp.
* Fast and correct handling of payments to the owner. We make payment to the owner before the customer’s arrival.

Internet, convenience for customers and owners

Customers can see the availability of a house on our website and book directly. As an owner, you gain access to our booking system via a link with login details to enter your own reservations in our system. In this way, a customer always sees the current availability on the website and can therefore book immediately. Via the same link you can also call up all information about the bookings that La Taha has for your house. For example, you will be able to see the details of the tenants (name, telephone number, dates of birth, etc.).


Before we proceed with placement on our website, we always first visit the house ourselves so that we can assess whether the house fits within our offer. On the basis of this visit we can present your house well on our website and advise our customers adequately. We also like to have personal contact with the owner, you. In a meeting we can discuss our working method, prices for the house, contract, etc. We take pictures of the house.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us a link to the website where the house can be seen or e-mail with some information about the house and preferably also photos. Please do not send photos larger than about 200 kb each if you send them by e-mail.

Are you interested in renting out your holiday home through La Taha? I would love to hear from you! Would you prefer to receive more information and/or a draft contract first? Request this by filling in this form.
Naomi Klaasse