The city is always beautiful, but Málaga is extra fun during December. This is why!

Christmas lights

The historic center of Málaga is transformed into a true fairytale in December. The large shopping street Calle Larios is full of twinkling lights and the surrounding streets are also completely immersed in the Christmas atmosphere. The trees on Alameda Principal are decorated with thousands of lights. Plaza de la Merced, Plaza de la Constitución and Plaza de la Marina are also festively illuminated, and of course a Christmas tree isn’t missing either.

Since the temperature can still be very pleasant even in December, a walk through the city is a must. December in Malaga is especially magical in the evenings.

When do the famous Christmas lights in Malaga come on?

The Christmas lights in Málaga will be switched on this year on Friday, November 24. Around 6:30 PM, the lights will officially turn on for the first time from the stage on Plaza de la Constitución at the push of a button, and this will be accompanied by a music and light show. The Christmas lights will then come on daily from 6:30 PM. On weekdays until 00:00. On weekends and public holidays until 2 a.m. Highly recommended to go and have a look! The Christmas lights will remain up until the Epiphany on January 6. The aforementioned music and light show takes place on Calle Larios several times a night.

Nativity scenes

Another tradition is the ‘belenes‘ or nativity scenes. They will be built up from the beginning of December. Brotherhoods, which are responsible for the Easter festivities in the spring, create the most amazing nativity scenes at the beginning of December. The nativity scenes can be admired in various places in Málaga. In the historic center alone you can visit more than 20 nativity scenes. In addition to the brotherhoods and museums, nativity scenes can also be seen at the cathedral, town hall and other iconic places in the city.

Christmas markets

The holidays naturally also include Christmas markets. From the beginning of December there are numerous activities around the Christmas market at Muelle Uno (the new harbour). In addition, from the beginning of December there is a Christmas market on the walking boulevard of the large city park.

Important days in December in Malaga

December 22 – The schools close and the draw of the major Spanish lottery El Gordo takes place. Everyone will be in front of the television tonight.

December 24Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) an evening with family, often ending with a midnight mass. There is a chance that your favorite restaurant is closed in the evening.

December 25Dia de navidad, Christmas Day. Spain does not have Boxing Day.

December 28 – The Spanish version on April 1, Día de los Santos Inocentes. A day on which many jokes are played.

December 31 – New Year’s Eve. The evening of the 12 grapes. The idea is to eat a grape for every stroke of the clock at 12 o’clock. Las uvas de suerte are supposed to bring good luck in the new year. In the days leading up to New Year’s Eve you can purchase containers of 12 grapes at the supermarket. These grapes are smaller, so you can easily eat them one after the other.

The holidays really end after Epiphany – Los Reyes Magos – on January 6. The largest children’s party of Spain. This is the day when the bigger gifts are handed out.

The photo in this post was taken on Calle Larios in 2019.

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