In our series of homeowners in the spotlight: this is Hetty, the spontaneous and inspiring owner of the romantic holiday home Finca la Guita. In the series ‘homeowners in the spotlight’ we want to introduce a new homeowner to you every month, and share their personal story with you. Read the story of Hetty from Finca la Guita here!

“At the beginning of 2000, my husband Arend and I bought our new Italian dream sofa for our home in Amsterdam. 10 years later it was time to replace the upholstery, so we knocked on the door of the maker. We had to be quick, because he was moving, to Andalusia within a few weeks to start a B&B. Curious as I am, my husband and I were already looking at pictures of this B&B almost immediately, and also booked a stay. When it turned out that we would be the first guests and even be part of the program ‘Ik Vertrek’, how bizarre is that?”

The real Francophiles arrived the next day in the white town of Nerja

“We are used to always looking at nice houses when they are for sale, we always do this in France. We were amazed by the wonderful offer; so much land for that price, it could hardly be true! We viewed a lot of properties, but our hearts really skipped a beat when we arrived at this house. ‘Yes, this is it’, we said to each other: the secret desire for a romantic house with a large terrace in Provence with oleanders and bougainvillea, in the midst of vineyards and fruit and olive trees, and the panoramic view and a wonderful climate coincided here.”

So, they became homeowners of a Spanish house. Finca la Guita used to be a farm; the drinking troughs in the house still bear witness to this today. The house contains photos of the house from 150 years ago. In 2000 the then owners built a swimming pool and a new apartment section. Because of work and family, Hetty and Arend are still in the Netherlands a lot, and so they have made their beautiful home available to people who, just like them, want to enjoy this beautiful environment.

Can’t wait to see this house with your own eyes? Click on this link now and book your stay at Finca la Guita directly!

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