MOVING to SPAIN (part 4)

Here you can read personal stories and experiences, a blog written by our regular blogger Alina. Formerly a customer of La Taha, now living in Spain herself.

Part 4 of her story series – written at the end of 2021, moving to Spain.

There has been a lot of demolition and pruning going on in the past week. We work very hard in and around the casa every day! Even the cat disappeared from time to time to find her peace elsewhere. But for her food she knew her way back to the house.

The famous Algorobbo trees were also tackled piece by piece. They were full and massive. As Antonio the gardener put it so beautifully: space must be created from the inside so that the light can flow from above to ‘the heart’ of the tree. From there the tree can grow and bloom again!


I myself sought a moment of peace at the local hairdresser. I was sitting there between a number of ladies who apparently were going to be colored from the same pot. Fortunately, with me it was only a fringe that needed a trim! For just 2 euros my view is just a bit clearer.

Is it all peace and quiet here on the Spanish countryside? No! It is quite challenging at times. Nothing has been self-evident here in the first few weeks. Driving a car, for example, requires real focus. At every turn you hope not to meet an oncoming car. But you get used to everything and the hot flashes are also becoming less during the car rides.

The car

And then our own car… It has been a month (!) and the car is now in its third garage (Lille, Burgos and Malaga). On Friday it could finally be picked up. But when I wanted to start it again after half an hour, the defect was still present.

Very simple, the car does not start (again). So on Monday the tow truck will return for another one-way trip to the garage in Malaga. For some reason the three garages its been in are apparently not capable enough to find the real problem. And then I haven’t even mentioned the communication yet!

This is also Spain. Sigh! Inhale and exhale…

Alina finds inspiration for her blog in beautiful Alora!

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