Montserrat is a jagged, yet beautiful mountain range near Barcelona. A must for hiking enthusiasts, but beware, you have to be fit for this hike. The graceful shapes of the mountains resemble a design by Gaudí. Although the appearance of the mountain range is very gentle and smooth, a ‘walk’ takes you up to 2500 meters. At least that is if you dare to walk the entire route. The so-called ruta circular, the name says it all, takes you all the way around the Montserrat, and is no less than 27 kilometers long.

A walk takes you through forests of holm oaks, yews and maples. You will come across hundreds of paths and along the most impressive rock formations.

For those less adventurous, there is also a route that leads to the top of Sant Jeroni, or to the beautiful monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat. The monastery is one of the highlights of this natural monument and can count on about 2 million visitors every year. Lore tells us that over the centuries several miracles of the Virgin Mary have been observed between the thick walls of the monastery, which was founded as early as 1025.

The rock formations of Montserrat consist of boulders held together by sand and clay, absolutely resistant to erosion. The nature park owes the magical shapes to the wind, which are very similar to human or animal forms. Many peaks of the rocks owe their name to this look, the legends about this area are also numerous. Let your imagination run wild and visit the fairytale Montserrat yourself.

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