SHERRY: a captivating drink from Andalusia

Would you like to drink something different than the usual glass of wine or port? Try sherry: a fascinating drink from Andalusia. This interesting drink took the world by storm long ago, but its roots lie in a small part of Spain. So it’s time to get acquainted!

From Spain to Scotland

From super dry to super sweet: there is glass for every taste. What is special is that the entire taste palette is produced in 1 small area in Spanish Andalusia. Sherry can only be made in a region near Jerez de la Frontera. That also explains the name. Sherry became very popular in England when the pirate Francis Drake looted a large amount of sherry in the 16th century. The English pronounced ‘Jerez’ into ‘Sherry’ and thus the international name was born. Later, traders started selling sherry from the Andalusian port city of Cadiz. One of the most famous brands is Sandeman, which was founded in 1790 by the Scotsman David Sandeman. You have probably seen the logo of the man with the black cape and wide hat.

The unique production method

Sherry, like wine, is made of grapes. However, it is a so-called fortified wine that is produced through the solera system. In this method, young and longer-aged sherries are gradually mixed together. The reason that this type of wine is only made in the Jerez area is the unique circumstances in the region. The soil is very calcareous and there is a subtropical climate. The Palomino grape feels completely at home in this area. This grape, which grows almost nowhere else, is one of the most important varieties for sherry. The Spaniards also process Pedro Ximãnez and Moscatel into sherry.

The ideal drink for dinner

Sherry is mainly consumed as an aperitif. However, you can also drink it with food instead of wine. Due to the different flavors, there is the right type for every dish. Is there fish or a dish with shellfish on the menu? Then the lighter taste of the ‘Fino’ or ‘Manzanilla’ fits perfectly. Poultry goes well with ‘Amontillado’ or ‘Palo Cortado’. Meat demands the drier and fuller taste of an ‘Oloroso’. Finally, the dessert can be rounded off with a ‘Cream Sherry’ or a ‘Pedro Ximãnez’.

Would you like to taste sherry in the region where this wine is made? Then book one of the holiday homes in Costa de la Luz. The mecca of the beverage is located in this region: Jerez de la Frontera.

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