The MOVE (part 2)

Here you can read personal stories and experiences, written by our resident blogger Alina. Formerly a customer of La Taha, now living in Spain herself.

Part 2 of her story series – written in November 2021, the move to Spain.

Plan B has commenced

Last night we left Burgos in a rental car heading south. First we went to the garage, where our car is (it will stay there for a while) and a part of our furniture (half of our household we also had with us…) was transferred to the rental.

After exactly 7 days on the road, we finally arrived at our destination today. The last 500 km we were treated to traffic jams, rain and fog. Even in Spain. But the further south we got, the brighter and warmer it became. Today a cloudy day but a pleasant temperature, around 20 degrees, in Nóvember, I mean…

First we checked in at our favorite vacation spot, where we will stay until the renovation of our house is finished. After a lovely shower and finally clean clothes… we could go to our house! Where our lovely real estate agent handed us the keys. We are very tired but really happy. This is what coming home feels like.

The first day after the move
There were some visitors in the valley this afternoon, a shepherd let his herd of goats graze in the field below our house.

Those weren’t the only animals I saw today, by the way. When I put on my jeans this morning, it turned out to have a 2.0 caterpillar on it! I threw my trousers outside and freed him (or her) there. Nasty. From now on I will check inside, outside, under and on before I put anything on. I still have to get used to the flora and fauna of the Spanish countryside.

Since we got the keys to our house, we haven’t been sitting still
Still sorting out the last details before the renovation can start. Today I also started with the maintenance of the garden. That was badly needed. Tomorrow I will probably have muscle pain and it might also proof useful to order the book “Gardening for dummies”.

Alina lives in Alora by the way, click here for holiday homes in that beautiful village.

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