In our series of homeowners in the spotlight: this is Ina, inspiring homeowner of the holiday home Casa Tortosa. Ina is one of 2 best friends who decided to make a dream come true together; a self-sufficient holiday home in the nature of Spain. We like to let her speak for herself, after all she is a writer.

“Wake up to the sound of the cicadas and the wind in the olive and pine trees. Long, slow mornings with coffee and the newspapers on the shady terrace under the curved pergola. Picking a new load of sweet figs every day for yogurt or a cake.

To a market, winery, spa, beach, mountain river, lunch on a terrace, whatever pleases us. Or just send a message. Driving down the mountain at 6 am at dusk, avoiding foxes, a deer and bunnies. At the bottom of the mountain, take the first train for a few days of urban and culinary pleasures in Valencia.

This is the life of an homeowner in Spain

Doing odd jobs and arranging things for days to make the house even nicer. Seeing old friends and making new besties who spend the summer – or their entire lives – in their casa de campo just like us. Choose from an abundance of parties and festivals and DJs, in monumental locations, in the pub in Tortosa or on the beach of Playa de Eucaliptus. Para tapear, for a tinto de verano, to listen to a concert or to dance barefoot in the sand.

It’s a bit of wonderful routine and recognition and there is something new to discover every day. When you book our house, it comes with a map where all the pleasures and favorite places are pinned. We now do that together with our newest neighbours, so you get the most recent information and experiences. Nice right?!”

Have you been inspired and can’t wait to stay with Ina? Book your stay with this homeowner, at Casa Tortosa right here!

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